Saving Marriage With New Wedding Ring

You are living and working in one of the world’s busiest and biggest cities. In fact, you would have it no other way. You were born and raised in Brooklyn, and you have seen all the changes that took place. Even in recent years, you get the sense that you have been part of history, both good and bad. You went to school in the city, and you went to NYU before starting your career, going no further than this city’s limits. Never mind the kid next door, you liked the social scene, still do. And so it happened.

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You met her. You fell head over heels in love with her. So you still wonder how it happened. But now she’s wondering how this happened. It’s no bed of roses keeping this marriage together. And all it takes is one mishap, not even your own doing, to tilt it the wrong way. So you head off to wedding rings nyc to see if you can find your crying bride a replacement set. It may not be anywhere close to the original. You were married all those years ago. But you’ve hardly forgotten the day. How could you?

Every year, close to that time, she’s sure to remind you. Lest you forget. And don’t you dare. How is it, you wonder, how men always seem to forget one of the most important calendar dates in their married lives. You don’t forget your daughter’s twenty first big day. You bought her a string of elegant pearls to mark that day. And you don’t forget the Nicks’ playoffs coming up. Finally! After all these years. You dare, dare not forget that day either. You sweeten the deal with a new diamond crust to mark the occasion.